Fidei Defensor Men's Conference: August 25th, 2018

Looking forward to this Men's Conference coming up next month. Please join the conference if you can. It is going to be great! You can register at

Interview on ʻDeep Adventure' with Bear Woznick

Here is the episode I did with Bear Woznick for ʻDeep Adventure Ministries’ You can watch/listen here or you can listen on the EWTN app. We talked about jiu jitsu, catechetics, Hawaiian culture,  and healthy living

Check out the other episodes of the show as well. Bear has done some great interviews! (Click on the Youtube Video below to watch the live Youtube version of the interview or click on the picture of Bear to listen to the Radio version of the interview)

Honolulu Catholic Men's Conference: "Fidei Defensor"

I will be speaking at the Honolulu Catholic men’s conference, ‘Fidei Defensor’ on August 25th, 2018. Check out for more info

Some new ‘62 missals for the Extraordinary Form

New set of ‘62 missals for the Extraordinary Form of the Mass. The kids have been wanting their own for a while. This will be a nice surprise for them

Clips from EWTN's 'Real Life Catholic'

Last year several members from our Diocese, including myself and my good friend Joshua Kapika, had the chance to be on EWTN's 'Real Life Catholic' with Chris Stefanick. It was an honor to be able to represent the local church and to also share our Hawaiian culture with the rest of the Catholic world. If you would like to watch the entire episode you click on the thumbnail pic on the top right of the blog or you can CLICK HERE

If you would like to see some selected clips from the episodes take a look at the Youtube videos below

Embracing Evangelization in the Catholic Schools

Seeing God's outpouring of grace on St Michael School this year has been a huge blessing to me. Seeing these young students respond to God's call inspires me to be a better person, teacher, and Catholic. I want to respond to God's grace with the same enthusiasm as they do! (Click on the image below to read the Hawaii Catholic Herald article) 

The missile that never came!

Last week Hawaii made international news for the false missile alert that was accidentally sent out via text by the Hawaii Civil Defense. It was quite a scary sequence of events! I was asked by the Catholic News Agency as well as Relevant Radio out of New York to do an interview explaining how my family reacted to the missile scare. Both the article by CNA and the radio interview are linked below

Ambrose and Augustine

Ambrose is my Confirmation Saint and someone that I pray to often. 

THIS beautiful dialogue between the great doctors of the Church, Ambrose and Augustine, was written by Sr. Edith Stein. It is awesome! CLICK HERE TO READ

HERE is also a great summation of both St. Ambrose's and St. Augustine's time in Milan 

image from the 'Public domain' via wikimedia commons.

Cooking 120 Turkeys at One Time!

Here in Hawaii we have a tradition of cooking our Thanksgiving turkeys in an old traditional hawaiian imu (underground oven) Below is a video of my family and I cooking 120 turkeys all at once a few Thanksgivings ago. We will be doing it again this year and every year. Its a wonderful cultural tradition to be able to hand down to our children