Kupuna Needs Project - Updates & Message of Thanks!

So far, in the last three weeks of our operation, we have been able to provide much-needed food and essential supplies to nearly 7,000 people on our island. Kūpuna Needs has responded to nearly 700 phone calls from kūpuna to its hotline and put together and delivered ‘2-week’ food and toiletry packages to each of them. Additionally, Kūpuna Needs has partnered with Meals on Wheels Hawaii as well as Mālama Meals to help deliver hundreds of meals each day to kūpuna and immuno-compromised individuals across the island.

We will continue to do everything within our ability to help those in need on our island during this pandemic. If you are in need and qualify for ‘Kūpuna Needs Project’ support, please call one of our hotlines at (808) 202-0820 or (808) 202-1203 between 12pm - 8pm daily. You may also visit our website at www.kupunaneedsproject.com


Life is Sacred - www.sacredislife.com

My entire ohana and I were blessed to be able to travel to Washington, D.C., for this year’s March for Life. For my children, it was a powerful witness of the importance of living our Catholic faith by standing in defense of the most vulnerable in our society, the unborn.

We went as part of a new non-profit organization named “Life is Sacred.” The group was created by Catholics and is comprised of native and indigenous people from America and beyond. My family joined as representatives of native Hawaiians.

It was truly amazing to see the groups from every corner of the United States, and especially tens (if not hundreds) of thousands of young people standing in defense of life. Our group marched through the streets of D.C. dressed in our traditional garb, sounding our native instruments, and chanting the ancient chants of our peoples that tell the story of our ancient and lasting commitment of viewing life as sacred from conception until natural death.

Please visit www.sacredislife.com to learn more about our organization.

Here is a video of my daughter, Mariah, chanting while she marched with the Native Americans.

Interview spot on Jesse Romero's Jesus 911 Radio Show

I recently had the honor of being on Jesse Romero's Jesus 911 Radio Show to share the story of the 22 students at St. Michael School that converted to the fullness of the Catholic Faith. My 8 minute interview starts around minute 3 of the show found HERE . Please visit the Jesus 911 Radio Show page to learn how you can listen to the show each day

Teaching the Faith & St. Michael School's Story

There are many things I do either professionally or as a hobby that I love... BJJ, card magic, wine making, sharing the Hawaiian culture, building businesses, writing, speaking, just to name a few.

Nothing compares, however, to the love I have for teaching the Faith. 

From teaching kindergarteners all the way to post graduate adults in our diocese and around the world it has and will always be my passion #lexcredendi#baltimorecatechismftw #Hebrews13:8

Our first year as a new admin, faculty, staff (last school year) was quite the adventure. We began with the goal of putting an emphasis on building and nurturing a faithful and orthodox Catholic identity on the campus. We achieved this by having daily rosary opportunities, daily angelus prayers, weekly Mass, frequent opportunity for access to confession, frequent adoration & benediction, many celebrations of the great feast days of the saints, and a solid catechetical program. 

This all resulted in 22 students at the school converting to the Catholic Faith! We had 17 baptisms and 5 other converts. Praise God! Check out this short interview I did with Christ Stefanick (of EWTN's Real Life Catholic) about the movement of God Holy Spirit at our school - https://youtu.be/mVWS2cNpU98

The Catholic History of Pretzels & My Favorite Soft Pretzel Recipe

My mind was blow years ago when I found out about the Catholic roots of Tempura and its connection to Ember Days (SEE THE ARTICLE HERE) I was equally surprised to learn of the Catholic history of Pretzels. Read about the history of pretzels over at the National Catholic Register here

I really like eating soft pretzels and I learned that they are not very difficult to make! Here is my favorite Soft Pretzel recipe that uses very few ingredients and only takes around 40 minutes or so to make

Soft Pretzels – 400F 15min -  Let dissolve &whisk -  1.5 C warm water, 2.25t yeast, 1t salt, 1T brown sugar, 1T melted butter. THEN slowly + 4C flour in mixer until not sticky. THEN shape dough (12 pieces) and soak each in (9 C boiling water & .5 C of baking soda) for 20 sec. THEN sprinkle salt. Coat with melted butter & parmesan after bake.

image via Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Pretzels by Mercury Jane -

Lenten Recipe: Black Bean Ginger Steamed Fish

One of the huge blessings of living on a pacific island is the access we have to some tasty seafood! Learning how to catch, clean, and cook fish are some of the expected skills of many Hawaiian families. 

During Lent I like to catch my own fish and use some of my favorite fish recipes to make dinner for the family. My two favorite kind of fish to eat are akule and aweoweo. So ono! 

Here is one of my favorite ways to prepare the two aforementioned fish or really any other kind of fish as well

Black Bean Ginger Steamed Fish - Steam 15min: Clean fish, cut slits and stuff with black bean sauce, ginger, green onion. THEN + ginger, cilantro, green onion. THEN pour hot oil over fish. THEN pour 2/1 (shoyu/water) over fish. Serve w/rice

Spring Break Adventures In Waimano!

There is no doubt that the beautiful beaches of Hawaii attract millions of visitors a year. However the mountains of Hawaii are equally as amazing and provide amazing adventures for our 'ohana. Here is a picture of my kids having a blast at Waimano Falls  on the back slopes of the Ko'olau mountain range. Hū ka nani! 

The Road Less Traveled - E.P.I.C Lenten Missions 2019

This week Friday (3/22/2019) we begin our EPIC Ministry Lenten Mission Series at several parishes here on Oahu as well as on Kauai. This Friday's mission will be at the Cathedral Basilica starting at 6pm. 

We will reflect on the right mindset to have during Lent and will also take a look at the biblical foundations of Lent, Sacrifice, Fasting, and Redemptive Suffering. We will also share some practical tips to make your Lent transformative and your Easter glorious! Come join us if you are able!

Catholic Virtual at St. Michael School

We are working on an EXCITING NEW PROJECT at St. Michael School in Waialua. We are looking at starting a high school! We are currently exploring the option of partnering with Catholic Virtual, a program of Virtual Schools of Excellence, to establish an on-site, quality Catholic high school option in the North Shore. We have an information night scheduled for April 2nd at 7pm. Please visit our website for more details and please share this with anyone in North Shore or surrounding areas that might be interested! www.stmichaelschoolhi.com