The Beach Essentials Kit!

The basic beach essentials kit:



3)Fishing Gear 

4)Surfboards (not in photo) 

5)Cooler with yummy stuff 

6)Cart so I don't need to haul everything one at a time 

7)The family ­čśÇ

Ready to go!

Mo╩╗olelo & Kanikapila: The Hawaiian way of learning

Hawaiians have always learned through storytelling. In Hawaii the storytelling tradition is called Mo╩╗olelo. It is the way our history, culture, myths, and tradition has been passed down through the generations. It is very similar to how Catholics have learned through the tradition passed down from Jesus and apostles throughout history! 

We also love to get together with our instruments and Kanikaplia (Jam Session) So much of our Hawaiian music tells stories of long ago and so we learn through our music as well. 

This picture was taken a month ago (July 2016) out on the island of Kauai. I sat and listened to some great wisdom from a Hawaiian man who knows much about the history, culture, and tradition of Hawaii. He also happens to be studying to be permanent deacon in the Church! 

Dragons in the Bible!?!

My son is now old enough to ask interesting questions about our Church and about the Bible. He asked once if dragons were real and if they were in the bible... Hmmm? Of course this question led me to research and put together a bible study on the topic. The link below will download a PDF with a quick study on 'Dragons' in the Holy Writ. A vast majority of the information was taken from a fascinating book by Hart, H. C. (1888). The Animals Mentioned in the Bible (pp. 79–82). Enjoy the study! 


Hoa‘aina in Makaha

My ╩╗ohana had the chance to visit Hoa‘─üina in Makaha last week (7/11/16) to work on a diocesan project, the 'One ╩╗Ohana Confirmation' video. It is next in the series of the already 'award winning' diocesan catechetical videos about the sacraments!!!

I hope to have a streaming version of the video when it is complete so I can post it here for everyone to see! 

Journey w/ Chris Stefanick & ╩╗Real Life Catholic' Ministry

This past week (7/7/2016) I had the tremendous honor of going on an off roading journey with Chris Stefanick of Real Life Catholic Ministries ( through the coffee fields in Numila, Kauai down to a special ancient fish pond and beach once owned by King Kamehameha V

It was an awesome day. It will be a part of a great new TV show on EWTN called 'Real Life Catholic' Once I get the EWTN air date of the show I'll let everyone know

Check out one of the previous episodes of ╩╗Real Life Catholic' Here -

Day 1 of the Faith Formation Conference complete

The first day of the Oahu Diocesan Faith Formation Conference (6/17/16) was great! My first class was on Catholic Art of Building Virtue and the 2nd was on Biblical Typology and Mariology. Thank you to all that attended my classes. In the next week or please come back to this site to see specific post made with the audio recordings of each class as well as the downloadable handouts

(Picture is with Mrs. Jayne Mondoy, Director of Rel. Ed. for the Diocese of Honolulu, and all around cool person :) )

Dr. Edward Sri, of the St. Augustine Institute, on Oahu!

Started off our Oahu Diocesan Faith Formation Conference by listening to a lecture by Dr. Edward Sri. It was excellent! I'll be teaching 3 classes for the conference tomorrow and Saturday. Hope to see you there this weekend 6/17/16 - 6/18/16!

The Paradoxes of Christianity

"There had suddenly come into my mind another explanation. Suppose we heard an unknown man spoken of by many men. Suppose we were puzzled to hear that some men said he was too tall and some too short; some objected to his fatness, some lamented his leanness; some thought him too dark, and some too fair. One explanation… would be that he might be an odd shape. But there is another explanation. He might be the right shape" -- GKC
Baby Matthias was baptized this past Sunday (3/13/2016) at Blessed Sacrament Church in Pauoa. Mahalo to Fr. Richard McNally, doing the baptism

The sacrament of Baptism makes us part of the mystical body of Christ (CCC 1272), cleanses us from original sin through the regeneration by water (CCC 1213), and is necessary for Salvation (CCC 1257) For a biblical look at the Sacrament of Baptism CLICK HERE