Dale Ahlquist, renowned Chesterton scholar, visiting Hawaii

The Chesterton Society of the Sandwich Islands presents...


He is a renowned G. K. Chesterton scholar and narrator of the popular EWTN TV show, ‘The Apostle of Common Sense’

Mr. Ahlquist is visiting Hawaii, speaking twice on G. K. Chesterton:

1) Tuesday, February 10th,7:00 PM, “The Philosophy of Islands,” at Pauline Books and Media, bookstore, on Bishop Street, underground Century Plaza parking validated by diocese

2) Wednesday, February 11th, 7:00 PM, “Puritans and
Pagans,” at Sacred Heart Parish, on Wilder Ave, parking behind church

Contact Tom Cook for more info: (239) 595-5441

St. Nicholas has come to bring gifts and punch heretics!

A few weeks ago, on December 6th, we celebrated the Feast of St. Nicholas. As we approach Christmas day I would like to revisit some of the famous stories about this great saint. MY favorite story of St. Nicholas deals with his presence at the Council of Nicaea where he slapped the heretic Arius for his denial of the two natures of Christ!  Here is Dr. Taylor Marshall, of http://www.taylormarshall.com, retelling the story:

BUT, of course, my children much prefer the other famous stories of St. Nicholas or ʻSanta Clausʻ which is a rough distortion of his name. The Pictorial Lives of the Saints (Shea, J.G., 1887recounts one of his famous stories here:  

"ST. NICHOLAS - Throughout his life he retained the bright and guileless manners of his early years, and showed himself the special protector of the innocent and the wronged. Nicholas once heard that a person who had fallen into poverty intended to abandon his three daughters to a life of sin. Determined, if possible, to save their innocence, the Saint went out by night, and, taking with him a bag of gold, flung it into the window of the sleeping father and hurried off. He, on awaking, deemed the gift a godsend, and with it dowered his eldest child. The Saint, overjoyed at his success, made like venture for the second daughter; but the third time, as he stole away, the father, who was watching, overtook him and kissed his feet, saying: “Nicholas, why dost thou conceal thyself from me? Thou art my helper, and he who has delivered my soul and my daughters’ from hell.” 

It is from these and many other stories of St. Nicholas that he is known for his generosity and care of the young and innocent. Many customs were formed throughout the centuries involving the Feast of St. Nicholas and has, though thoroughly commercialized, resulted in some of the ʻSanta Clausʻ traditions that the secular world embraces today. There are  many Advent Traditions, however, that still properly honor this great Saint on the day of or on the eve of his Feast day, December 6th. Here are few mentioned in ʻAround the Year with the TRAPP FAMILYʻ, Maria Augusta Trapp, 1955. Pantheon Books :

"While in some places the children only put their shoes on the window sill on the eve of St. Nicholas' Day and find them filled with candies, cookies, oranges, and dried fruit the next morning (but only the good ones; the bad ones find a switch), in other parts St. Nicholas comes in person. On the eve of December 5th . . . The holy bishop (Father of the house dressed as St. Nicholas), in his pontifical vestments, accompanied by Krampus, would enter the room while everybody stood up reverently. . . He calls each member of the household forward, rewarding the good and admonishing the less good. The good children will get a package of sweets, whereas Krampus aims at the legs of the children who did not deserve one. After everyone has received his due, the holy bishop addresses a few words of general admonition to the whole family, acting as a precursor to the One Who is to come, drawing their thoughts toward Christmas, asking them to prepare their hearts for the coming of the Holy Child."

image from The Pictorial Lives of the Saints (Shea, J.G., 1887). Public Domain

Pope Melchiades on the Sacrament of Confirmation

Some non-catholics claim that Confirmation is an unnecessary sacrament because they see it as one in the same with Baptism.

However, from the earliest of Christian times, Christians understood verses such as Acts 8:14-17; Acts 19:5-6; Eph. 1:13; Eph. 4:30 as referring to a separate and important sacrament

"The Holy Ghost, Who comes down on the waters of Baptism bearing salvation in His flight, bestows at the font, the fullness of innocence; but in Confirmation He confers an increase of grace. In Baptism we are born again unto life; after Baptism we are strengthened" - Pope Melchiades (~311 A.D.) (From STh., III q.72 a.1 resp.)

image from the 'Public domain' (Picture of Holy Card)

Building Fortitude in the face of adversity

I want to share a quick story about my son and the tremendous courage he found last month during the Naga Grappling tournament - 

During his No-Gi competition he lost to a young boy who was very intense, strong, quick, and determined. He was dominated by the well trained young boy. . . . . 

When his Gi competition came around D3 (His nickname) ended up, in his final match, having to fight for 2nd place against the same boy. . . D3 was not happy. He was scared of the boy and came to me in tears asking me to pull him out of the competition. He begged me to call it quits so that he didn't have to fight against the boy who dominated him so badly the first time around. . .

I felt horrible for him but I knew it was an amazing opportunity in his young life to find courage. I challenged him to be strong and to be brave. He asked for the intercession of his favorite saint, St. Michael the Archangel. . . And he went out to the mat and fought! 3 minutes later not only had he overcome his fear but he also won by 10 points!

I am proud of him and I am blessed to have been there the moment he found great courage to take on his fear 

Mahalo to coach Eric Goo and all the other coaches at Mad Tiger Academy for not only teaching him the techniques to win but helping instill in him the fortitude to get up when he is knocked down, to overcome adversity, and to fight on!

This pic above is of D3 after his competition with his medals with his godfather. The big smile on D3's face for his hard fought effort is well deserved! 

Here is a video montage of tournament. It has clips of matches of both my children and myself

My daughter won her match, D3 lost BUT he defeated the same opponent later in his Gi competition. My opponent and I were tied on points but I lost that one by ref's decision. All in all they were great matches!

Sunset on Oahu's North Shore

This was my 1st attempt at recording a time-lapsed sunset. I messed up on getting a straight horizon BUT it still came out nicely. Mahalo e Ke Akua for our beautiful island home!

'Donʻt be a HERETIC!' - Ebionism

Ebionism is an  an odd mixture of Christianity and Judaism which was one of the earliest of the Christological heresies that taught that Jesus was NOT divine but was just a 'good' man

The Ebionites also "accepted only the “Gospel of the Hebrews,” adhered to the Mosaic law, and condemned the Apostle St. Paul as an apostate from the Law. . . .Concerning the birth of Christ they were divided. Some admitted His supernatural birth of a virgin; others held that Christ was only man and the son of Joseph and Mary." (Thein, J., 1900. Ecclesiastical Dictionary)

Ebionism is alive and well in modern times. Sometimes it is taught unintentionally and sometimes it is taught with malicious intent. It can be heard in catechism classes, in seminaries, and even from the pulpit sometimes :( Be firm in knowing that Jesus Christ IS the DIVINE 2nd person of the Blessed Trinity. Any teaching to the contrary is heresy!

Two of my favorite Bible verses to combat Ebionism are:

John 1:1,14 - "In the beginning was the Word: and the Word was with God: and the Word was God. . .And the Word was made flesh and dwelt among us"

Colossians 2:9 - "For in him the whole fulness of deity dwells bodily"

image from the 'Public domain' via wikimedia commons.  Sermon on the Mount

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