Lecture Schedule

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January 27th - 29th ʻKauai Confirmation Retreat' (Holy Cross Parish , Kauai)
February 8th ʻVenial vs Mortal Sin' (Resurrection of the Lord Parish , Oahu)
March 6th & 7th ʻI Shall prepare Him my Heart' (St. Michael Parish Waialua, Oahu)
March 18th ʻVirtuous Hero Training' (St. Theresa Kihei, Maui)
June 16th & 17th ʻOahu Faith Formation Conference' (St. Theresa Parish Kalihi, Oahu)
August 19th ʻEast Hawaii Faith Formation Conference' (Hawaii Island, TBD)
September 9th ʻKauai Faith Formation Conference' (Kauai, TBD)
October 14th ʻMaui Faith Formation Conference' (Maui, TBD)
November 4th ʻMolokai Faith Formation Conference' (Molokai, TBD)

January 13th ʻBuilding Virtue' (Resurrection of the Lord) (Waipio, Hawaii)
January 29th – 31st ʻKauai Confirmation Retreatʻ (Diocesan) (Kalaheo, Kauai)
February 26th – 28th ‘Los Angeles Religious Education Congress’ (California)
March 5th ʻBuilding Virtue' (St. Anthony) (Kalihi, Hawaii)
June 17th-18th ʻFaith Formation Conferenceʻ (Diocesan) (St. Theresa, Oahu)
July 3th 'The Light of Christ' at the Benedictine Monastery, Wailua (Oahu)
July 7th 'EWTN: "Real Life Catholic"' (Numila, Kauai)
July 23rd 'The Light of Christ' (MBCC, St Anthony Retreat Center)
September 28th 'Vocations Panel' (St. Francis Highschool, Manoa)
October 25th 'Vocations Panel' (St. Francis Highschool, Manoa)
November 10th 'Vocations Panel' (St. Francis Highschool, Manoa)

April 30th ʻIntro to Catholic Doctrine' (Blessed Sacrament Church, Oahu)
June 18th ʻSacraments of Initiation & Healing' (Blessed Sacrament Church, Oahu)
June 20th ʻFaith Formation Conferenceʻ (Diocesan) (SSDC, Oahu)
July 25th - 26th ʻMolokai Confirmation Retreat' (Kaupoa, Molokai)
August 13th ʻSacraments of Service' (Blessed Sacrament Church, Oahu)
Septemeber 19th ʻFaith Formation Conference' (Diocesan) (St Anthonyʻs, Maui)
October 22nd ʻMary Mother of God' (Blessed Sacrament Church, Oahu)

January 20th  Chesterton Society Meeting (Group Gathering)(Kailua, Hawaii)
February5th  ʻThe Minor Orders of the Church' (Study Group)(Mililani Hawaii)
February 7th  ʻFaith Seeking Understanding' (St Anthony Retreat Center)
February 13th  ʻFaith Seeking Understanding' (Sts Peter and Paul)(Honolulu, Hawaii)
February 22nd  ʻBiblical Apologetics' (D.A. Radio Interview w/ Bear Woznick)
February 26th  ʻBiblical Preparation for Lent' (Study Group)(Mililani Hawaii)
February 27th  ʻBiblical Preparation for Lent' (Sts Peter and Paul)(Honolulu, Hawaii)
March 7th   ʻWhy do Bishops wear silly hats Q & A' (St Anthonys)(Honolulu, Hawaii)
March 12th ʻThe Evangelical Counselsʻ (Study Group)(Mililani Hawaii)
March 13th ʻThe Lenten Ember Days' (Sts Peter and Paul)(Honolulu, Hawaii)
March 25th  Pilgrimage to Kalaupapa with Fr. Gerard Saguto, FSSP.
April 16th  ʻBuilding Virtue' (Cathedral Our Lady of Peace) (Honolulu, Hawaii)
July 6th 'Catholic Morality' at Benedictine Monastery, Wailua (Oahu)
August 16th  ʻBuilding Virtue' (St. Michael's Parish, Waialua)
August 23rd  ʻFaith Formation Conference' (Diocesan) (St. Joseph's) (Hilo)
Septemeber 20th ʻFaith Formation Conferenceʻ (Diocesan) (St Anthonyʻs, Maui)
October 17th - 18th ʻFaith Formation Conferenceʻ (Diocesan) (IC Parish, Kauai)
November 1st ʻFaith Formation Conferenceʻ (Diocesan) (St. Damien Parish, Molokai)

March 3rd 'Christ to the Nations' (Sts Peter and Paul)(Honolulu, Hawaii)
March 10th - 30th'Intro to Scripture' (Online Webinar and Forum)(Diocesan)
April 5th ʻThe Power of the Eucharistʻ w/Schway (Camp Mokuleia), 8:30pm
April 6th ʻThe Power of the Eucharistʻ Confirmation Retreat (AMR), 9:30am
May 5th - 25th' Sacraments' (Online Webinar and Forum)(Diocesan)
June 1st ʻThe Holy Sacrifice of the Massʻ SHWAY Lecture (Oahu), 10:00am
August 11th - 31st 'Catholic Morality' (Online Webinar and Forum)(Diocesan)
August 31st ʻCatholic Moralityʻ (St. Joseph High School)(Big Island) 1pm - 4pm
September 14th ʻYear of Faith: Evangelizationʻ at AMR (Oahu)
September 23rd ʻThe Gospel and the Hawaiian Cultureʻ (Kailua)
September 26th ʻYoung Adult Catechesisʻ at St. Michaelʻs Parish, Wailua (Oahu)
October 18 - 19th ʻFaith Formation Conferenceʻ (Diocesan) (IC Parish, Kauai)
November 22 – 23rd ʻFaith Formation Conferenceʻ (Diocesan) (St Anthonyʻs, Maui)

January 16th - 30th 'Intro to Scripture' (Online Webinar and Forum)(Diocesan)
February 5th OLGC RCIA Class (Morality) 9am -12pm
February 11th ' Virtue and making decisions' at Our Lady of Keau (Oahu) 10am
March 6th - 7th 'The Sacraments in the Bible' at Queen of Angels Church (Kula, Maui)
March 12th - 30th 'The Sacraments' (Online Webinar and Forum)(Diocesan) 
April 15th - 28th 'Catholic Morality' (Online Webinar and Forum)(Diocesan)
April 21st 'The Light of Christʻ at Benedictine Monastery, Wailua (Oahu) 
April 24th 'Introduction to Catholic Doctrine' OLGC's Lifelong Faith Journey Series 
May 6th 'Sacraments in the Early Church' at Benedictine Monastery, Wailua (Oahu)
May 7th 'Technology for Catechesis' National Conference (San Diego)
June 10th - 28th 'Introduction to the Creed' (Online Webinar and Forum)(Diocesan)
November 10th ʻYoung Adult Men's Group lectureʻ at St. Theresa's , Kihei (Maui)
November 29th ʻYoung Adult Catechesisʻ at St. Michaelʻs Parish, Wailua (Oahu)
December 18th ʻTheology on Tapʻ at Henri Louiʻs, Mapunapuna (Oahu)

Jan 15th 'Teen Self image' at Maria Lanakila , Maui 5pm
February 6th  OLGC RCIA Class (Morality)
February 21st 'Teen Self image' at Big Island youth day. St Joseph, Hilo
February 23rd 'The Game Plan for health' (Non religious), Queen's Medical Center 
March 12th 'How to use your Bible'. The Oahu Venture Crew, Waimano Hiking Trail 
March 15th 'Standing before God'. Oahu Hispanic community youth, Mokuleia 
March 19th 'Finding the Sacraments in the Bible'. St. Damien Church (Molokai) 
March 29th 'Mary: Mother of God & Ark of the New Covenant' (OLGC Bible Study) 
April 2nd 'Defenders of the Faith Formation' with Schway, St. Jude 
April 16th 'Defenders of the Faith Formation' with Schway, Star of the Sea 
May 9th 'Mary, Mother of God' at Our Lady of Perpetual Help (Oahu)  (Diocesan Class)
May 16th 'Introduction to the Scriptures' OLGC's Lifelong Faith Journey Series 
June 5th 'Where is that in the Bible?' at Benedictine Monasteery, Wailua (Oahu) 
June 6th 'The Sacraments of Initiation & Healing' Lifelong Faith Journey Series 
June 27th 'The Sacraments of Service' OLGC's Lifelong Faith Journey Series 
July 18th 'Mary Mother of God' OLGC's Lifelong Faith Journey Series 
August 15th 'The Mass' OLGC's Lifelong Faith Journey Series
September 23rd 'Effective Young Adult Faith Formation' at St. Anthony, Maui, 
October 10th 'Introduction to the Scriptures' Our Lady of Good Counsel, Oahu
November 12th 'Family, Marriage, and the Priesthood' at St. Damien Church, Molokai