Cooking 120 Turkeys at One Time!

Here in Hawaii we have a tradition of cooking our Thanksgiving turkeys in an old traditional hawaiian imu (underground oven) Below is a video of my family and I cooking 120 turkeys all at once a few Thanksgivings ago. We will be doing it again this year and every year. Its a wonderful cultural tradition to be able to hand down to our children

Thanksgiving Memories (Family Prayer 2014)

I found this video today as I went through some old family files. Its a video of our opening family prayer at Thanksgiving back in 2014. It was a very special Thanksgiving. Captured in the video are both my Papa Andy (Tutu Kane) and my Uncle Kui. They have both passed away in the last several years and this particular Thanksgiving was the last one that they were both there with us. Its so awesome to have this special prayer captured on video and to see them both there. Please pray for the repose of their souls. I am grateful for the tremendous influence they both had on my life. Love you Papa and Uncle. Miss you!

Article at the Maccabee Society

I recently published an article over at the Maccabee Society about my 200 lbs. weight loss and the connection that my health endeavor had to my desire to fulfill my vocation as a husband and father. 

Go check it out at

Catholic Tradition of Lighting Bonfires

The practice of lighting bonfires has root in Catholic tradition. St. Patrick promoted the practice of lighting bonfires to commemorate the resurrection of Christ and on the Twelfth Night (Of Christmas) there was a tradition of lighting 12 bonfires to honor the Twelve Apostles. There is also a perennial tradition of blessing bonfires on St John’s Eve (cf John 1:7)The Church blesses such fires, praying God that the faithful may overcome the darkness of the world and reach the “indefectible light”

Blessing for bonfires from the Rituale Romanum: "O Lord God, Father almighty, unfailing Ray and Source of all light, sanctify this new fire, and grant that after thedarkness of this life we may come unsullied to thee, Who are Light eternal. Through Christ our Lord. Amen."

image via creative commons license hereBonfire