Lā Kū‘oko‘a (Hawaiian Independence Day)

Hau'oli Lā Kū‘oko‘a! A hiki i ke aloha 'āina hope loa!

November 28th, Lā Kūʻokoʻa, is a Hawaiian Kingdom holiday that was first celebrated in 1843 to celebrate Hawaiʻi’s sovereignty and independence. This special day recognizes the signing of the Anglo-Franco proclamation acknowledging Hawaiʻi’s independence.

To learn more about this enormously important day in Hawaiian History please read this excellent article by Dr. Ronald Clayton Williams - https://bit.ly/lakuokoaaina

The Wind & The Reckoning

Movie to Movement, (https://www.movietomovement.com/) recently graciously sponsored EPIC Ministry with the opportunity to watch a brand new film titled 'The Wind & The Reckoning' starring Jason Scott Lee, Lindsay Watson,  Henry Ian Cusick, & Kahiau Perreira. It is a Hawaiian Kingdom Era movie and is 80% in the Hawaiian language. The IMDB summary is as follows - 1893. The Hawaiian Kingdom has been overthrown by a Western power just as an outbreak of leprosy engulfs the tropical paradise. The new government orders all Native Hawaiians suspected of having the foreign disease banished permanently to a remote colony on the island of Moloka'i that is known as 'the island of the living grave'. When a local cowboy named Ko’olau and his young son Kalei contract the dreaded disease, they refuse to allow their family to be separated, sparking an armed clash with brutal white island authorities that will make Ko’olau and his wife, Pi’ilani heroes for the ages.

Here is a trailer for the movie

Here is my brief video review of this excellent film

What an amazing movie. Chicken skin to hear our language used so beautifully through out the movie. The movie gives great respect to the Hawaiian culture and to the language. I truly hope this is the beginning of many more Hawaiian movies. So many stories to tell, so many great lessons to be learned

From this movie, besides bravery and perseverance, the biggest lessoned demonstrated is the immense power of the sacrament of marriage. Ko'olau and Pi'ilani truly understood the indissolubility of the bond they made before God and it was that loving bond that kept them together until the very end.

For more information about the film please visit - https://www.windandreckoning.com/