St Michael School's Story w/ Chris Stefanick

I recently had the opportunity to sit down with Chris Stefanick of EWTN's 'Real Life Catholic' to share a little of the great things that happened St. Michael School in Waialua, Oahu last school year. Here was the video Chris aired to his Facebook followers


The Celestial Hierarchy

The Word Angel itself is from a Greek Word meaning ‘messenger’. It is important to know that though Scripture is FULL of angels and though there is A LOT of theological speculation about angels very little has been declared and defined by the Church but of course some has and that ‘SOME’ is packed of stuff.

There are also many perennial traditions about angels that have been passed on through history and have been extrapolated by theologians throughout the ages. The main sources we will take a look at in this study are 1) The Bible 2) The Catechism 3) The Celestial Hierarchy by Pseudo-Dionysius the Areopagite 4) The writings of St. Thomas Aquinas 5) Some modern writngs from Dr. Mark Miravalle and Frank Sheed


Please take a look at my lecture schedule to see opportunities to hear a lecture on the Celestial Hierarchy. Within the next several weeks Ill also post a link to an Mp3 here of one of my 'Celestial Hierarchy' lectures

image from the 'Public domain' via wikimedia commons.

Sunset in Kalaupapa

Late last month I was blessed with the opportunity to join the Sts. Damien & Marianne Diocesan Choir for their yearly concert in Kalaupapa. Kalaupapa is the peninsula at the base of high sea cliffs on the island of Molokai. It was, at one time, a legally quarantined colony for those suffering from leprosy. It is the place that both Sts. Damien and Marianne of Molokai did their saintly ministry. It is now a National Park and special permission needs to be granted for someone to visit. Though it is place with a sad and desolate history it is a special place and quite aesthetically beautiful. Here is a sunset from Kalaupapa just a few weeks ago