Imua ka Lāhui Hawaii, ‘Onipa‘a mau!

Words cannot fully express the great joy I felt today bringing my daughter to the Pu‘uhonua o Pu‘u Huluhulu.

When I was younger I learned that my great grandparents signed the Kū’ē petition of 1897 against the illegal annexation of our kingdom. I was always proud of that and have done my best to stand against the hewa done to our people in small ways throughout my life
I am not a perfect Hawaiian by any means but I am glad, even in an imperfect way, I was able to pass on the tradition today of standing with our lāhui in the face of an oppression that has lasted 126 years. I pray that during our lifetime or in my daughter’s lifetime that the oppression ends and that what legally and rightfully belongs to the Hawaiian kingdom and its people will be recognized