Advent Traditions! The Ember Days, the O Antiphons, St Nicholas, St Lucy, & St Barbara

As we enter this beautiful liturgical season I wanted to share some videos I have made throughout the years about wonderful Advent traditions that have been much forgotten

A concise explanation of the ʻEmber Daysʻ Can be found in Theinʻs Ecclesiastical Dictionary: 

They are "the first Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday of each of the four seasons of the year, set apart as fast days by the Catholic Church. According to the testimony of Pope Leo, they originated in the time of the Apostles, who were inspired by the Holy Ghost to dedicate each season of the year to God by a few days of penance; or, as it were, to pay three days’ interest, every three months, on the graces received from God. The Church always commanded the Faithful to fast at the beginning of each of the four seasons of the year, because it is at this time that she ordains the priests and other servants of the Church, which even the Apostles did with much prayer and fasting." (Thein, J., 1900. Ecclesiastical Dictionary)

A much deeper look at the Ember Days, including a more detailed look at its historical roots, can be found in a great article by Michael P. Foley called ʻThe Glow of the Ember DaysʻYou can read it here - 

Also during Advent is when the the Church prays the Advent O Antiphons. Here is a brief lesson I made for my students about this wonderful Tradition

In addition to those beautiful traditions there are also many other traditions that have been practiced by the Church throughout the ages like celebrating the feasts of