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Introducing the ʻAwacast! I will be using the Swellcast platform to upload weekly 3 - 5 minute short podcasts to share some Catholic thought, insights into the Hawaiian culture, and thoughts on my other avocations. Take a seat around the kanoa and let's inu a few apu while we share mo'olelo and engage in enriching conversations.

Ka Manuale Kakolilka - 1896 Hawaiian Roman Missal

I feel privileged to have come across a rare gem, a pdf of the 1896 "Ka Manuale Kakolilka," a Roman Missal created specifically for nā Kanaka 'Ōiwi and other speakers of ʻŌlelo Hawaii during that time. It offers a fascinating glimpse into the Catholic worship practices of the Hawaiian people in 1896, and is a treasure trove of Hawaiian translations of important Catholic prayers, including the Our Father, Hail Mary, the Creed, the Act of Contrition, and many other prayers.

Over the next few weeks, I plan to share some of these specific prayers for anyone interested in learning more. I will start with "Pule Ala" (Prayer upon waking) and "Pule Hiamoe" (Prayer before sleeping), I hope these translations will provide insight into the rich cultural and spiritual Catholic heritage of Hawaii's people.

Pule Ala

"E kuu Akua, aia no au imua o kou alo, ke haawi aku nei au ia oe i koʻu naau a pau. E malama mai oe iaʻu keia la, o lilo aku au i ka diabolo"

(My God, here I am before you, giving you all of my heart. Please take care of me today, so I don't become a devil)

Pule Hiamoe

"E kuu Akua, e hoomakai mai oe i koʻu hiamoe ana keia po. E hoopakele mai oe iaʻu i na hoowalewale ma o ka diabolo a me ka poe hewa"

(My God, please bless my sleep tonight. Deliver me from the snares of the devil and wicked people.)

ACCE 2023 - The Holy Eucharist "Behold, I make all things new" (Resources from presentation)

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