Mary Most Holy: Mother of God & Ark of the New Covenant

Our devotion to the Blessed Mother is one of the greatest treasures that God has given the Church. Not only is Mary, as Mother of God, the one who literally gave birth to 'Salvation' she is also, as our Mother, one of the greatest advocates that we have interceding for us at the Throne of God.

St Bernard of Clairvaux once said: "De Maria Numquam Satis" (Of Mary there is never enough) It is true that beauty and high honor given to the Blessed Mother can not be contained within the context of one single Bible Study.

I was invited to speak at the Our Lady of Good Counsel's Youth Ministry bible study last week and the topic was 'The Blessed Mother'. With just one hour I had to narrow the topic down to just one aspect of rich tradition of faith we have regarding Mary. In this study we chose to focus of the biblical basis of Mary as 'Mother of God' and our understanding of Mary as the 'Ark of the New Covenant'.

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