My Book Recommendations

Resource books
Catechism of the Council or Trent -

Fundamentals of Catholic Dogma
*A list of Catholic Beliefs and the level of theological certainty that the Church attributes to it.

Sources of Catholic Dogma
*The documents and councils from which we receive our defined doctrine.

Baltimore Catechism

My Catholic Faith

Some of my favorite Books
Theology and Sanity
* This is the very first theology book I was assigned as Freshman at Steubenville. A short look at not only catholic teaching but of an entire catholic worldview. Hands down my favorite theology book. 

Belief of Catholics

The Fathers Know Best
* This one is more of a resource book too BUT its great to read cover to cover as well. 

You can get a hard copy of it here -

Hail Holy Queen

Apostle of Common Sense
* An Excellent summary and introduction to GK Chesterton. Great way to start engaging his amazing body of writings


Whats wrong with the world

Man Alive

* HONESTLY anything you can get from Chesterton is awesome! He wrote nearly 80 books and over 15000 articles! 

Excellent Audio Lectures
Lectures by Fr. Chad Ripperger