Lenten Recipe: Black Bean Ginger Steamed Fish

One of the huge blessings of living on a pacific island is the access we have to some tasty seafood! Learning how to catch, clean, and cook fish are some of the expected skills of many Hawaiian families. 

During Lent I like to catch my own fish and use some of my favorite fish recipes to make dinner for the family. My two favorite kind of fish to eat are akule and aweoweo. So ono! 

Here is one of my favorite ways to prepare the two aforementioned fish or really any other kind of fish as well

Black Bean Ginger Steamed Fish - Steam 15min: Clean fish, cut slits and stuff with black bean sauce, ginger, green onion. THEN + ginger, cilantro, green onion. THEN pour hot oil over fish. THEN pour 2/1 (shoyu/water) over fish. Serve w/rice