"BRAGA (560).1 Held about 560, by Lucretius, the metropolitan, assisted by seven other bishops, against the errors of the Priscillianists. They drew up twenty-two canons, mostly relating to ceremonies. . . . . The fourteenth orders clerks who are unwilling to eat flesh, to avoid the suspicion of Priscillianism, to be compelled to eat at least herbs boiled with meat."

(Landon, E. H. (1909). Vol. 1: A Manual of Councils of the Holy Catholic Church (122). Edinburgh: John Grant.)

BOOM goes the dynamite!

Lesson -In order to avoid suspicion of heresy, Eat meat OFTEN :) 

To help everyone out in our mission to avoid such suspicion here is a video I made a few months ago of one of my favorite chicken recipes. The short hand is here:

Bok Choy Chicken - Make sauce overnight: 2T tamari, 1T ginger, ½ c grapeseed oil, ½ c chopped scallion. Steam 2 halved chicken breasts, 2 halved baby bok choy 15min. Serve w sauce. (Recipe from the 4-Hour Chef, by Tim Ferriss)